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11/25/2021 -
Denise Eklund
Diane is the best there is!! Diane made the process easy and got me the home I wanted in a very competitive market- Appreciate her attention to detail and relationships with other realtors- Diane is simply the best and the kindest, most trustworthy person I know- I would highly recommend her to family and friends! From start to finish- Diane is on it. Available at anytime and on short notice- Full commitment to the overall experience-

9/19/2021 -
Darin Grimsley Wichita Ks
We think Diane Z Park is the best and would never consider using anyone else. We are completely happy. Pen Fed will be a lesser place when Diane Z Park decides to retire. We consider her family at this point.

9/5/2021 -
Wichita Roger and Beverly Douthett
We had worked with Diane Park several years ago and we were satisfied with her ability to understand what we wanted. She has also sold previous homes of ours. Diane has the "bloodhound" instinct in helping people locate properties. I have recommended Diane in the past to my friends who were looking for a home. I will continue to do so. Diane Z Park is very reliable and an asset to her vocation.

9/4/2021 -
Homer Cook, Wichita
We would be happy to use Diane again.

8/4/2021 -
Steve and Vicki Martens, Wichita
We were very pleased with Diane and her team. They did an absolutely fantastic job in the sale of our home. We would highly recommend Diane.

7/26/2021 -
Matt R, Wichita
Diane was fantastic to work with throughout the process of looking and buying a new home. She has extensive knowledge of the area and great local connections. She was very cheerful and professional throughout the process.

5/30/2021 -
Suzanne Hop, Wichita, Kansas
I met Diane at an open house, very nice and knowledgeable

5/7/2021 -
The Nelsons, Wichita
How does she make the stressful experience so pleasant? She is one of a kind! From the smallest question or concern, Diane is there to guide you through the process of buying or selling your home. From the minute you meet, it will be as though you have known her for years and with home real estate, plan on spending a lot of time together. Trust her throughout your journey! You want Diane in your corner because she has the 3 Es: she’s highly effective, very experienced, and most enjoyable to be around!

4/24/2021 -
Elizabeth Garcia, Wichita KS
Diane Z Park responded promptly when I asked her (from my home in France) if she would visit the property, which I knew would sell quickly. She visited it that same morning and advised me to offer more than asking price, because of the competition. It is thanks to this advice that I made a winning offer, which was accepted that same evening. Diane understood my unique situation, that I was moving back to Wichita after being widowed in France, and she worked with my Wichita daughter to view properties and find the perfect one.

1/7/2021 -
Anthony Little 2826 N Meadowoaks Ct.
Diane was wonderful and has helped my wife's family (her parents and her brother) with all their home purchase so it was our turn this time. Diane was able to secure our house through our offer by stating to the sellers we would match +1k on top of any offers on the house. We really wanted this house and thanks to Diane we got it!

9/9/2020 -
Yetta Moreland. Wichita Kansas
Best Realtor in Wichita

6/30/2020 -
Carmen, Wichita
Diane was knowledgeable about the area. She went out of her way to make us feel welcome!

5/20/2020 -
Jeff Tims Park City KS
Diane was very helpful and professional. She went above and beyond my expectations and I had a great experience buying my first home.

4/28/2020 -
Suzanne Koch Wichita, KS
I had always told Diane that if we ever decided to sell our home she would be my first choice. It happened much sooner than expected as we had a fire and complete restoration. She was with us from the very start and stuck with us for the duration. There were quite a few obstacles placed in our path, and she leaped over them all.i

3/7/2020 -
David English, Wichita
This was my first time purchasing a home. Diane helped me learn what to look for when viewing a house and pointed out a number of things that I would never have thought to consider. The house I wound up buying needs some work done to it before I move in, and she has connections that are helping me get that taken care of in the best way. I don't think I can oversell what a great experience it has been having Diane Z Park as my agent.

12/7/2019 -
Darin and Kim Grimsley
Home sold in a week. We are very happy with Diane Diane is at the top of her game... We love her and happy to call her a friend Gwen was a pleasure to work with.

11/16/2019 -
Darin Grimsley wichita ks
The process with Diane Z Park was the least stressful experience we ever had in a real estate transaction. We have nothing but good things to say. Very satisfied and highly recommended

10/25/2019 -
Cyrus Asgari
Diane is just wonderful,she listens and gets Your need absolutely perfect and helps with her very high competence.

10/13/2019 -
Sharon K Congdon, Wichita
Diane Z. Park checks all the boxes for the qualities I'd hoped to find in an agent. As a first-time home buyer, I would probably still be looking for a house if I hadn't signed on with her. I was just beginning a casual search when I met Diane at an Open House. Her warm personality and humor drew me to her immediately--this combined with her decades of real estate experience and particular knowledge of Wichita's East Side, the area in which I was most interested. She patiently indulged my early efforts as I tried to zero in on the type of house and neighborhood that would suit my needs. (I think she knew what I really wanted and needed before I had my "Aha" moment.) I feel she truly cared that I make a good choice: When she showed me the house I eventually bought, I believe Diane was more excited for me than I was! As a newbie to real estate transactions, I depended on Diane and her assistant, Gwen, to lead me through the home-buying maze, and they did not disappoint. From the skill Diane showed in helping me make my offer to arranging inspections and successfully negotiating needed repairs with the seller to managing a financial "glitch" that occurred shortly before closing, I would say the performance of Diane and her office was flawless. Gwen is also wonderful to work with--knowledgeable, kind and supportive, great with follow-up--and the two of them meticulously navigated the complex process and, highly important, stayed in constant communication with me. When you work with Diane, the relationship you have built does not end on closing day. Now that I'm preparing to move into my house, she continues to be available to offer advice and suggest resources. I highly recommend Diane and her staff to anyone buying or selling a home. With her years of service to Wichitans and her vast knowledge of the business, she is surely the "Dean" of Wichita real estate!

10/5/2019 -
Federico Gasco, Wichita
Diane is a top notch real estate agent and broker. She provides the highest level of competence, professionalism and understanding of the customer's requirements. She is gifted with effective communication, takes ownersip of her tasks and always focuses on the opportunities that are right for the customer. Diane exceeded my expectations on all fronts. I would highly recommend her.

7/20/2019 -
Ron Gessl
I would recommend Diane Park to anyone buying or selling a home.

6/22/2019 -
Suzanne Koch, Wichita, KS
I have always told Diane I would like her help if we decided to move. The necessary move came way before I thought it would, but she stepped right up and guided us through the process. She is an amazing person.

6/6/2019 -
Charles and Margit Squire - Wichita, KS
Although the above factors were considered, ultimately is was the personal friendship and the Diane's sales records in our immediate neighborhood that were critical in our selection to engage Diane Z. Park and her team. Entire experience was exceptionally uncomplicated thru the services of Diane Park and her entire team. Diane Z. Park is an exceptional individual and a true professional Broker. Gwen was always available and most helpful. Our overall experience was outstanding and the sale process far easier than expected.

6/5/2019 -
Shauna J Shelton === Wichita, Kansas
Diane has been very helpful. She has helped sale three properties. The first which was my parents. I was overwhelmed with all the responsibilities layed upon me. Diane was so kind and stepped in taking much of the pressure off my shoulders. For which I will always be grateful.My sisters home was fast and easy. My own property took longer to sale, mainly because of the time of year. Finally the perfect couple bought my little home that I loved.Diane again took alot of pressure off me. Spent alot of time and effort getting things fixed and ready for sale. Again I appreciate the help she gave me.Diane is a very hard worker, honest,and always willing to solve any problem that may arise.Its a relief when your under alot of stress.She is like a fairy godmother that comes and sweeps up all the mess that your unable to take care of. I suggest she takes a very deserved vacation!!

5/23/2019 -
Tom Luhring, Wichita
We interviewed three realtors from Wichita (all from recommendations) during our first visit to the area. They spent various amounts of time interviewing with us (from a sit-down to a half-day of looking at houses). While the other realtors all did a good job, Diane was outstanding both in her thoughtfulness (brought a sticker book for our 4-yo and spent a good bit of time making sure she knew our wants and needs) and in her knowledge of the area and buyer trends. I would not hesitate to recommend Diane to our friends and family

3/12/2019 -
Pfannestiels, Bel Aire, KS
Diane Z Park gave us her full attention, we never felt left behind. She is personable, easy to work with and on top of the game all the way.

"With the successful closing last Thursday, I just wanted to drop you a short note to personally thank you and your associates for a truly first class performance. The fact that I had a signed contract within thirty days of listing my father's former house with your firm is in and of itself indicative of your team's dedication to excellence and results. Although I can't imagine why, if you ever have an existing and/or prospective client who needs a reference, please feel free to have them contact me and I can confirm your team's superb attitude, delivery and outcome."

-- Kris J. Kuhn
Am, Mullins, Unruh, Kuhn & Wilson, LLP

"Looking to Sell your home or Buy your dream home? Looking for a Realtor? Look no further. Diane Z. Park and her team are the ticket! I found Diane to be highly knowledgeable of the market and she knows how to close a contract! Diane instills confidence and motivation. I was treated like I was her only client and she and her team were always available. Diane knows the market and with her guidance and confidence she was able to relieve me of the emotion and stress that accompanies selling a home in today's market. Her specialized knowledge of the real estate market gave me the guidance needed to close the contract on my present home and then sell my old home. Her gracious manner is honest and sincere and her integrity is unapproachable. I encourage you to call this AMAZING woman today!
                                                              Jeffrey D. Moore, Ph.D.

"The Diane Z. Park Team worked hard to create a positive experience for my first home purchase. They were always willing to work hard for the answers doing whatever it took to get the job done. Not just realtors but lifelong friends."

-- Greg Williams

"Without the help of the Diane Z. Park Team, we would never have found our home. After looking for a new home for nearly two years with a variety of different realtors, it was the Diane Z. Park Team that finally found our new home. Diane and her Team took care of all the details. Throughout the entire process we felt very confident in the Diane Z. Park Team. We were able to enjoy the excitement of purchasing a new home without all the stress usually associated with the process. We would highly recommend the Diane Z. Park Team to all our family and friends. We sincerely appreciate everything they did for us."

-- Bruce & Sarah Haertl
Family Sports Director

"We were truly impressed with the personalized service and attention we received. The Diane Z. Park Team was readily available whenever we called, and were quick to make appointments for us to view homes. Their excellent communication and fast response allowed us to work around our busy schedules. The Diane Z. Park Team consistently provided us with the important "next step" in the house-buying transaction. We were extremely happy with the service provided by them and would recommend the Diane Z. Park Team to anyone interested in buying a home (and we already have!)."

-- Dr. & Mrs. Jason Woolard

"With the successful closing last Thursday, I just wanted to drop you a short note to personally thank you and your associates for a truly first class performance. The fact that I had a signed contract within thirty days of listing my father's former house with your firm is in and of itself indicative of your team's dedication to excellence and results. Although I can't imagine why, if you ever have an existing and/or prospective client who needs a reference, please feel free to have them contact me and I can confirm your team's superb attitude, delivery and outcome."

-- Kris J. Kuhn
Am, Mullins, Unruh, Kuhn & Wilson, LLP

"My husband and I were relocating and needed to sell our home. We never intended on using a real estate company. We felt anything an agent could do we could do better because we knew our home better. After many hours behind the scenes, not to mention the enormous expense, we were ready. We had fliers, signs, and advertisement in the Sunday paper.

After two weeks of nothing, we were just sick. We called upon the "Diane Z. Park Team" consisting of three dynamic gals. We had several showings and within a week and three days we had a contract! Unbelievable!! These gals are a great team.

They each had a role to play, and they did it with such finesses. Once the home was sold, their job was not finished. There are many loose ends to tie up. Thanks to the Diane Z. Park Team, we were able to relax and focus on the new home in another city. We will continue to highly recommend them to anyone who intends to buy or sell their home. They came into our lives as merely hired help, and by the time we moved, they were family. Thank you for a job well done. We are forever grateful."

-- Shelly & Bob Finuf

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your Team for the excellent job you did in selling this property. As an accounting/finance professional, I tend to look at the numbers first and I know that the commission number wasn't too largely based upon the sales price of property - especially when it had to be split with another real estate agency. However, I never felt I received any less service and attention than someone with an expensive property would have received. Additionally, being an out-of-state individual, chances are I'm not a good future prospect. But that didn't stop you from providing good service. Your team was fantastic. Each performed their area of responsibility with the highest professionalism. Thanks again!"

-- Marilyn Bieker

"When my company transferred my family to Wichita, we knew nothing about Realtors in the area. We asked around regarding our need for a Realtor, and one name was given more than any other - so we contacted Diane Z. Park. It was the best thing we could have done. Diane found the perfect house for my wife and me. Her team was always so helpful. They went the extra mile. If we called, they were ready to do whatever was needed. Strangely enough, my company called 45 days after our closing to move us to Milwaukee. So we called Diane and they sold our house in less than four hours with a profit. Now, how can you find anybody better?"

-- Paul & Paula Gay
Sales Manager
Datile Corporation

"It was my pleasure to work with the Diane Z. Park Team. With my job, I travel all over the world. It was a relief to know the Team was taking care of all the details so I did not have any surprises. I planned on purchasing a "For Sale By Owner" house after the Diane Z. Park Team sold my house in 24 hours. Fortunately, that deal fell through. I called and told what I wanted in a house and within two days we found the perfect home and I am happy to say, I bought it. I give the Diane Z. Park Team my highest recommendation. Whether you are buying or selling, they are THE BEST to work with!"

-- Rick Gay
UPS International Pilot

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